Sauna and Perfect Skin

What is the best way to get flawless glowing skin?

Sweat for healthy-looking skin is the word from experts. regular sauna sessions can keep that 22 sq. ft, yes, 22 sq. ft of skin in tip-top condition. Did you know our skin is our largest organ? So why wouldn’t you want to take care of your most prominent feature!

1. How do Sauna treatments work for my skin?

Deep cleansing through perspiration or sweat washes away bacteria and dead skin cells while flooding the skin with nutrients, and minerals which maintain the collegen structure of it, reducing wrinkles and plumping it to give it that youthful look – a sauna session also helps to reduce acne and keep it at bay.

2. Get that summer glow

Sauna heat increases your resting heart rate by up to 30%, which increases your heart rate and over-all skin temperature. This increase explains why after a sauna session you look fresh and rejuvenated as all that blood is being pumped to the skin.

3. Reeeelax

A sauna is a great stress-reliever and a session in a sauna releases endorphins, which gets you feeling relaxed both inside and out.

4. Fight Infections

Researchers in Germany found that sweat contains dermicidin, a protein that fights bacteria, so sweat is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Natural Moisturiser

Regular sauna use leads to a “more stable epidermal barrier function, an increase in stratum corneum hydration as well as a faster recovery of both elevated water loss and skin pH,” according to Medical News Today.

To complement your sauna session, cleanse and moisturise your face and body when you finish and as always, check with your doctor if you are unsure about a sauna’s benefits for you.

Carmenta Wellness

Carmenta Wellness offer a range of steam and heat sauna’s as well as steam baths. With Carmenta Wellness you can gain all the benefits mentioned above, right at home with a home steam or sauna cabin. What could be better than that?

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