Our Contract Interiors

Our Contract Interiors

This month we focus on our contract and commercial interiors. Carmenta Wellness are commonly asked by Architects, Spa Specifiers and Spa COnsultants to work with them in order to deliver a high-end, high quality finished spa or wellness area to their client.

This month we take a look at some of our latest commercial interior projects.

Wulfenia Hotel and Spa

Carmenta Wellness were commissioned to install a number of our wellness products into a new hotel spa. Initially, The Wulfenia Hotel wanted a sauna cabin which would sit outside. Our sauna cabin sits alongside an outdoor pool. The Sauna cabin was clad in composite wood to give the feel of an ultra-modern spa, with the holistic properties of an archetypal Scandinavian sauna.

The beauty of cladding the sauna in our patented composite materials mean that they do not degrade when being exposed to the elements, so the sauna remains looking as good as it did on the day of installation. We also clad the interior spa which housed sauna, steam and ice cabins also in our composite wood materials.

We also installed a sensory triple shower. The shower can effuse mist, steam or large droplets. It can also effuse scents giving the user a complete sensory experience. The walls were also clad in patented Carmenta composite materials

A Contract Spa Overlooking a City

Carmenta Wellness were commissioned to create a unique spa which overlooked the city of Warsaw, working with the client and Architect, Carmenta Wellness created a triple wellness cabin which comprised of a steam sauna, a shower and a traditional sauna.

Clad in composite steel with huge aspect windows, the cabin sits pride of place in a large apartment looking over the stunning city of Warsaw.

Farmhouse L’Adagio Spa

Carmenta Wellness were commissioned by a boutique health spa, set in wonderful countryside, to create a wellness area which was as exquisite as it’s surroundings.

This spa offers the ultimate in hydrotherapy, from a Carmenta Wellness hot tub which illuminates while the user relaxes looking out onto the glorious Italian countryside, to the beautifully crafted wall panels, sauna cabin, sheer glass windows and shower cabin which diffuses fragranced steam as you shower after relaxing in the spa.

A Temperature Controlled Cellar for Foodstuffs

Sometimes Carmenta get asked to create interiors for luxury dwellings. We were commissioned to build a bespoke, temperature controlled cabin within which food and wine could be stored.

Large glass panels allowed light to pass through the cabin making it a feature of the room, rather than just a functional object. Our composite wooden materials were then used to panel the walls of the cellar, making it warm and inviting.


May Design Series 2015!

Thank You for a Wonderful May 2015!

To everyone who visited us at May Design Series, the team at Carmenta Wellness would like to say a big THANK YOU! It was absolutely fantastic meeting you all and we hope to be able to work together in the very near future.


The unveiling and launch of our fantastic new range of wellness suites was a great experience. Meeting such a broad spectrum of people from cross-industry and also meeting the general public to discuss their own wellness projects is what makes May Design Series such a great event.

Prosecco Shortage

After heavy rains in Italy, you may have heard rumours circulating in the media of a Prosecco shortage. Well, we managed to get a few boxes of Prosecco ahead of the drought and enjoyed a wonderful evening of entertaining at May Design Series, inviting industry and members of the public to join us in a glass or two of the bubbly stuff.

Carmenta, Front and Centre

We had absolutely fantastic fun and some truly positive feedback on the wellness suites which were on display at the show. We really enjoyed giving each person we met and chatted to a front row, centre view of our cabins, inviting people inside to view the build quality and stunning finishes as-well-as technological innovations which allows our cabins to twin classic methods to encourage relaxation with the ultimate in modern wellness therapy.

A Shower Cabin / A Salt Wall made of Himalayan Salt Bricks / A Shower Cabin lit with Carmenta Wellness – By Carmenta Wellness

Stunning Hotel Bathrooms

One particular aspect of our stand which drew a great deal of interest was the contract bathroom area, aimed at hotel specifiers, architects and interior designers. Carmenta Wellness displayed some of our wonderful bathroom and shower interiors for bespoke design, quick install and quick assembly.

Our wooden finishes, part of our patented composite materials range particularly impressed, and as you can see from the images give a really modern feel to any bathroom interior.

A Bathroom Interior featuring Dark Woodgrain Finish – By Carmenta Wellness

A Pinch of Salt

We also got complimented on our stunning Salt Wall, which lit May Design Series 2015 up! The Salt wall display features beautiful Himalayan Salt Bricks, which is back-lit with an array of colours. Perfect for use in any of our wellness cabins to deliver chromotherapy.

A Steam Cabin / A Salt Wall made of Himalayan Salt Bricks / A Sauna – By Carmenta Wellness

In all, we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for making May Design Series a fantastic all-round event. See you next year for more!

Healthy Hotels and Wellness Tourism

Healthy Hotels and Wellness Tourism

According to the Spa Finder Trend Report, Hotels in 2015 will be looking at health as a marketing differentiator. The healthy hotel will ultimately become more inspired and comprehensive and move from virtuous exception to part of the hospitality vernacular, because everyone, everywhere, now more than ever, needs travel that restores.

A recent Spafinder Wellness 365 consumer survey found that 85 percent of people have returned from a holiday less rejuvenated and than when they left. Travellers further report they now want a whole lot of “wellness” in their travel destinations: with a staggering 82 percent wanting spa/massage areas within the hotel.

Hotel Le Royal Moncaeu – Paris – By Carmenta Wellness

The Future of Wellness in Hotels

According to the Spa Finder Trend Report, Hotels in 2015 will be looking at health as a marketing differentiator. The healthy hotel will ultimately become more inspired and comprehensive and move from virtuous exception to part of the hospitality vernacular, because everyone, everywhere, now more than ever, needs travel that restores.

A recent Spafinder Wellness 365 consumer survey found that 85 percent of people have returned from a holiday less rejuvenated and than when they left. Travellers further report they now want a whole lot of “wellness” in their travel destinations: with a staggering 82 percent wanting spa/massage areas within the hotel.

Crystal Dreams Spa – Naples – By Carmenta Wellness

Ensure you can deliver a Wellness Area that Exceeds Expectations

Many hotels are looking to either design or retro-fit a wellness or spa area to their buildings in order to get a stake of the burgeoning wellness tourism trade. A research report conducted by SRI International for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) recently found that wellness tourism already represents a US $439 billion market, and accounts for 14 percent of world tourism expenditures. With the growing demand for healthier travel of all breeds, this means this category will grow nine percent annually through 2017, which is a staggering 50 percent faster than regular tourism.

Hotel Le Bristol – Paris – By Carmenta Wellness

Hotels are starting to think beyond the gym, to fun classes and indoor wellness experiences. With this ethos they can create a halo of hipness around the property. This is a great local market revenue generator, attracting not only the high-spending wellness tourists but also the local population to the wellness area.

Hotels are turning the lonely, avoided gyms into a meaningful social activity and creating more memorable stays. All Carmenta Wellness Spas and Wellness Cabins are custom designed to suit any space so neither a brand-new design or retro-fit project pose a challenge.

Carmenta is getting Animated

Carmenta Wellness in 2 Minutes?

Want to find out about Carmenta Wellness in 2 minutes? Then simply watch our new animation below. Feel free to share the video with friends and colleagues!

Carmenta Wellness

Carmenta Wellness offer a range of Salt, Ice, Shower, Sauna and Steam Cabins. Why not give Carmenta Wellness a call on +44 (0)20 7205 2715 today and discuss how we can create a spa area you will love.

Salt Cabin with Himalayan Salt Brick Wall

The Health benefits of a Salt Cabin

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy has been in the media a great deal recently, but what is all the fuss about? By equipping homes with the latest wellness cabins from Carmenta Wellness, people have been able to achieve the benefits of a regular spa session, within the comfort of their own home.

Wellness cabins including ice cabins, steam cabins, sauna rooms and shower cabins, such as those provided by Carmenta Wellness are often associated with therapeutic benefits, but the salt cabin – whilst not as well established as the other cabins as a source of health and wellbeing – can be just as beneficial.

What is a salt cabin and where did the idea come from?

One of the first ‘salt cabins’, was actually a cave and set up 150 years ago after Dr Feliks Boczkowski, a Polish physician from Wieliczka, near Krakow, noted that local salt miners didn’t suffer from lung diseases. A natural grotto was carved out within the Wieliczka mines themselves, 400 feet underground. It became popular with those suffering respiratory disease, and is still in use today.

Beneficial effects of Salt Therapy

It can help those suffering with asthma by helping to cleanse respitory tracts and alleviate the frequency of attacks.

Those suffering with other bronchial afflictions or allergen associated afflictions, such as hayfever, weakness of immune system, can find that constant sessions in salt cabins not only allow them to breathe easier, but also improve their bodies capacity to fight off illness and ailments.

As the body recouperates and relaxes in a salt cabin, the sessions help to improve sleep patterns. This makes the salt cabin an essential part of any healthy regieme. Down time is as important as time dedicated to exercise, and what could be better than helping boost your bodies defences whilst relaxing.

The Environment

A salt cabin provides an aseptic environment within which to relax, meaning that the environment is free from pathogens and other bacteria and salt has long been used in the medicinal field as an antiseptic.

The Salt Cabin provides the same therapeutic benefits as a holiday by the sea. If you go into the sea with a cut or an abrasion, the salt water will clean the wound and help it heal very quickly. The salt cabin delivers this health benefit, without  the need to leave your home.


The salt wall is full of minerals and beneficial micro-organisms. As the cabin maintains a constant temperature and contains chemical elements such as iodine, potassium and magnesium, a session in a salt cabin is beneficial not only for external elements of the body such as your skin, but also for the internal elements of the body. Salt particles delivered to the respiratory system by the salt cabin can help reduce the number of bacteria in the respiratory tract, helping you to breathe easy.

Other Benefits?

  • A salt cabin is recommended for use by everybody. It encourages the bodies capacity to exercise capacity because of its cleansing effect on the body.
  • The salt cabin is fantastic for smokers or those afflicted by bronchial diseases as it helps to cleanse and reduce inflammation of the respiratory system. Other areas which a salt cabin can help to tackle include those suffering with catarrh, nasal cavity diseases, ear infection, vocal chord infections.
  • A salt cabin helps to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
  • Negatively charged ions from the salt cabin leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


By including a salt cabin session as part of your fitness regieme, you can essentially offer your body an opportunity to detox from the pollution associated with daily life. A salt cabin is particularly good for those living in cities.  

A salt cabin designed by Carmenta Wellness can be specified to suit any interior space, so you can achieve the health benefits of a relaxing holiday by the sea in the comfort of your own wellness spa.

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pool and spa scene

Carmenta in Professional Spa and Wellness Magazine!

The water features you choose are one of the most important business decisions you’ll make for your spa, so it pays to get it right

Chris Perry speaks in this months issue of Professional Spa and Wellness Magazine.

Regardless of the size of your spa and the features you have, the water facilities you install will be among the biggest investments you make. Not only are features such as pools and experience showers costly to purchase, they are also expensive to operate efficiently and keep clean, hygienic and safe. Which naturally also makes it important to choose the right facilities for your business, location and clientele.

Cost and Calculations

Chris Perry, UK sales director for Carmenta Wellness, whose range of spa and wellness equipment includes pools, steam rooms and experience showers, advises against prioritising quantity over quality.


“You’re better off having fewer, more high-end, facilities with a bit of theatre and wow factor than cramming a lot of poor-quality stuff that customers have seen a million times over into your spa”

Creating an Experience

While a greater number of pools, baths and experience showers in your spa isn’t always better, making sure that the water features you do have offer the right balance to keep guests occupied and entertained while they’re in the spa is crucial. Perry explains that;


You need to give clients water features that will make them want to spend the day in the spa and relax – and that mean they can do that without getting bored. It’s about retaining customers on your premises for longer; the more time they spend there, the more likely they are to part with their money.

Reducing Operating Costs

It is an accepted industry fact that operating costs for water-based features, particularly pools, are high. With this in mind, you might assume that all spas draw up a detailed business plan and carefully consider the pros and cons before making their investments. According to the experts that would, however, be an incorrect assumption. Many do not think about the costs of running water-based features, so energy optimisation using steam water systems can offer a solution to these costs.


“Energy optimisation is essential and using the latest technologies and water systems can help reduce water consumption and energy costs dramatically, think about smart, energy-saving concepts that use the right materials.”

Each spa must consider its own unique set of circumstances when deciding which water facilities are right for them, there are nevertheless general rules that apply across the board. Chris Perry says;


“Keep it energy efficient, make sure clients are impressed, add theatre without going beyond your means when it comes to space or budget. And, of course, make sure you know your clients and tailor the facilities to what they want,”


Carmenta in the Press!

Carmenta Features in Pool & Spa Scene

Carmenta Wellness has been featured in June’s issue of Pool & Spa Scene.

The Article Reads;

Just when all wellness facilities were beginning to look the same, a revolutionary range of patented materials from Carmenta is breathing fresh life into the wellness industry.

Combining chic Italian design and engineering with technologically-advanced construction materials, Carmenta offers the ideal solution for bespoke projects – both indoors and out.

As the concept of an indoor pool has now been superseded by home wellness suites, designers of luxury pools need to offer their wealthy clientele unrivalled style and luxury in order to succeed in a highly competitive market. The elite now desire total wellness, a combination of indulgence with theatre, they want to enjoy the mood and elements of an exclusive health club in their own home wellness suites that both soothe and pamper.

Carmenta’s composite and high tech materials give professional architects, top end pool designers and builders, the opportunity to create truly stunning wellness suites that appeal to their customers and first call on a new concept that offers great margins and will never be available on line or in B&Q.

Carmenta Products

Carmenta is leading a design movement having created a new category of wellness suites that have revolutionised what leading designers are able to offer their clients. The company’s patented Techno Wood, Techno Light and Composite Light materials are technological, structural, temperature resistant, insulating, soundproof, waterproof and recyclable.

All units are designed and manufactured around Carmenta’s easy construction system, then crated and shipped to site. Everything comes with assembly and technical information with support available, although each project is made to order, Carmenta’s equipment packages allow easy ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Carmenta customers simply need to provide a drawing showing the features and options they wish. The company then produce a design drawing and price that can be presented to the customer. On acceptance further detailed drawings are produced as Carmenta liaise over the project.

Top End

Companies that specialise in top end indoor pool and wellness suites now have a whole new product category to offer their clients that adds theatre to the design and wow factor to any presentation. Pool professionals can offer a truly integrated stylish wellness suite that looks straight out the pages of a glossy design magazine and it can be built to suit the space available.

In essence, Carmenta delivers on all these fronts and enables pool builders to offer complete luxury wellness suites tailored their customers’ desires. Sauna and steam must be in harmony with furniture design as the boundaries between living and wellness space have become blurred for those able to enjoy a total life balance and impress with a design statement of intent.